Friday, 13 February 2015

My (Bleached) Hair-Care Saviours!

FUDGE shampoo
Redken Shampoo

So I thought I would share with you guys my all time favourite hair treatments, these hair products are mostly suitable for wavy/curly, blonde hair, but if your hair is particularly dry or unruly, they'll work perfectly for you. 

Some insight as to what my hair is like, in my younger teens my hair was perfect ringlet curls until I started to dye my hair more often, I've been dying my hair since I was 11, the most bleach-type products I've used on my hair over the years, the more my hair has turned into a more unruly, beach wave. I can honestly say I have the thickest hair out of anyone I know (unless their hair is afro-caribbean!) it takes a lot to tame and each time I dye my hair I find myself using more and more product. Over the last 3 months I've had my hair bleached, dyed and bleached again with a toner between each session, I honestly do believe I can thank these products for my complete lack of hair damage. Every time I go to the hairdressers, she's totally shocked at how healthy my hair is at the moment, even after being bleached it's probably the healthiest it's ever been right now.

One of the newer purchases that I haven't been using for as long would be the Curvaceous shampoo and conditioner. I bought these immediately after having my hair bleached the 2nd time (if anyone wants before and after pics let me know!) as my hair usually gets curlier and curlier after the bleaching process, any good hairdresser stockists will have these. I absolutely love them, the best part about the conditioner is that I found it whilst looking for a leave-in conditioner and this doubles up as one. After shampooing you can pop this into your hair and it's up to you whether you want to leave it in or wash it out, it just depends on whether you think your hair needs the extra treatment.

Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer saved my hair. Honestly, for saying this is only a drug store oil it's amazing, I honestly love it more than the infamous Moroccan Oil. It smells beautiful too, I'm so bad at describing smells, but I can't imagine anyone not wanting this on their hair. Trust me, you need this.

In terms of keeping my hair at it's best blonde, I love using this Fudge purple shampoo. I used to use Touch Of Silver and it is pretty decent, but this Fudge one acts more like a toner, it's starting to send my hair almost completely lilac, which is not exactly what I was after but it does just prove how well it works! Unless you're after the lilac look, definetely only use this once a week. I never get the conditioner as I feel like it does nothing compared to the shampoo, so when I do use this, I like to condition my hair with Kerastase Irisome Masque, my local hairdresser recommended this to me when I asked what was best on bleached hair and honestly it works wonders. It is meant for thin, dry hair, and I definetely feel as though it adds more body to my hair (which I deffo do not need, but it's helpful for those of you that are looking for that!) 

The Redken 'CAT' spray is admittedly an unnecessary added extra, but if you're looking for a luxury product then this is really nice at keeping split ends at bay. It does help my hair an awful lot in terms of keeping it in good condition, but it's not a necessity. 

Hope this post helped a few of you with your hair-care problems! I'm sorry there isn't much drugstore in this post, I have to admit I don't really buy drugstore for my hair and that's probably why the condition is so good atm, if you've bleached your hair or are planning to, spend the extra pennies on good product!

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